Collection: Set of two suitcases

Your need is less. 2 pieces of luggage are enough for you. You choose one of the solutions below. Please pay attention to the delivery time which may be different for each product.

Pay less

You can pay less. If you meet any of the conditions below, you can receive a discount at checkout, just before payment.

  1. You have a damaged suitcase . Please upload the photo of your damaged suitcase to social media like Instagram and describe that you will get a discount on VOPOTO website. We thank you for mentioning the address of our website: Please send the link by contact page .
  2. You buy two products ; one for you and one for a friend. Please talk to your friend right away. You see the discount at checkout (payment page).
  3. You are ready to advertise VOPOTO . Please send the link of your message via contact page on one of the social networks. Your account must be public.

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